Reginald Maddox believes that we all deserve a life of gratification—and that we have the potential to create it for ourselves. That’s why he wanted to write music and literature that offers hope and inspiration to all age groups. RM Viagem is a company based on life's journey and sharing life lessons with the world in the form of laughter and reflection while inspiring people to go after their dreams and not give up on life.

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Motivational Speaker

Reginald Maddox understands the importance and urgency of delivering the motivation and inspiration the audience needs. He strives to educate his audiences with the knowledge they require not only to succeed in life but remain focused on not giving up. Reginald recognizes the craving we all have to feel energized, uplifted, yet ready to tackle the difficult problems we face each day because motivation will not sustain you alone. Without the tools for understanding life’s setbacks, these same individuals are very likely to become discouraged once again, in fact, more so than they were before.

 Everyone needs solutions and guidance on how to change their life's strategic plan. If a person desires to create a better life, they will need the inspiration to develop those much-needed solutions. When composing a motivational speech, Reginald uses the lessons from his personal and professional life in a manner that the audience will benefit from the most. Bringing together, real life illustrations and memorable stories, Reginald ensures that his listeners will have a better understanding of surviving difficult times, Individual/social empowerment and renewed faith to make a positive change to their own personal and professional lives.



Reginald writes for young adults and grown-ups too – and offering a balance of tone and look for different audiences is often tricky. In this case, his blog called” New Life New Mind” and his children books provide readers great discussion topics and entertainment. As a writer, he continues to create literature that inspires and motivates the heart and mind of a person.

In today’s society, the art of writing does not seem to have the same emotional impact. Some may say it has become an ancient form of communication, but Reginald finds joy in the creative process of formulating words which spark the emotions and creative side of his readers.

Here are some areas Reginald writes:

  • Children’s books (Short Stories)
  • Poetry
  • Blog Articles
  • Greeting Cards
  • Novels
  • Content Articles


Reginald Maddox crafts the words to songs for entertainment, artistic, or commercial purposes. As a lyric writer, he will work closely with a musical composer who can give feedback on how the written lyrics will work in conjunction with the music that will accompany them. Regarding the lyrics and music, his goal is to achieve the artistic feel that you are aiming for. Reginald has worked with preexisting musical scores, collaborates with composers or musicians directly, or write words that will later be set to music. He interprets the style, tone, and mood of a piece of music and writes words to match, which may require collaboration with composers, musicians, or arrangers.

Reginald has collaborated with Audrey Carmel, General Steel (G-Steel) and Danile Diaz. He has also worked with Paul Sabian (Composer) on several projects including the song titled “I Stand with You”.


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