Month: November 2017

November 25, 2017 rmaddox

You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.    Johnny Cash In today’s world, many…

November 11, 2017 Chloe Longstreet

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Confucius This is for those of you who are current or aspiring entrepreneurs, although hopefully there is inspiration for anyone to be found in today’s story. I have a friend who calls herself a serial entrepreneur. This friend has started…

November 11, 2017 Chloe Longstreet

When my daughter was a little over a year old, she and her sitter came with me to a job I had in the city. We had to take the train and walk a bit to where this job was, and we were totally unprepared for the downpour that we ended up getting caught in….