Top Five “Five Artist with the gift of music”

August 21, 2017 rmaddox

“To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?” ― Michael Jackson

Expression is defined as the process of making one’s thoughts or feelings known. Music is as a creative form of expression that seeks to move one’s soul. Every day, people all over the world enjoy different genres of music and songs that express some form of emotion. Have you ever listened to a song and sensed that the singer was making music to express their true feelings? There are occasions when a singer will infuse so much passion into their performance that members of the audience will become quiet, cry, or lost in the moment. For this reason, music is such a powerful method for expressing your sentiments.
I would like to introduce some independent artists who produce quality music with vocals that may have you pressing the repeat button. Each of these artists have numbers that you can give a listen to on or their own websites. I will be sure to post the links next to their names below.
As a lyricist, I love looking for singers with unique or original sound. These artists are not necessarily new to the music business but they are now at their musical best. That is when they sing for the love of music; their enchanting melodies strive to move the crowd.

Phillippia –Facebook
When I listen to Phillippia, I can hear the sweet sound of funk, gospel, and soul in one well-blended arrangement. She delivers her vocal in a strong but clear tone, with a slight resemblance to Erykah Badu. According to her twitter account, she recently performed at the Plum Bar in Birmingham, Al. Phillippia has also performed with Nick Furry on the song “Phillippia the Lyph,” and some of her recent numbers such as “Because You Love Me (feat. Phillippia) The Sound Principle – EP” can be found on Apple Music and other digital music platforms.
Phillippia has a vocal style resembling a traditional singer. The energy in her songs stems from her vocal skills as well as the backing tracks. She is a very talented singer, and I find that her target audience will consist of anyone who is 35 or older. I would recommend giving this artist a chance in your playlist.

Julie Ludgate- Website
Julie Ludgate is a pop singer/songwriter from Basingstoke, and she is currently working on her self-penned debut album. Listening to her sing, it’s obvious that she has the ability to deliver power and emotions with her vocals. I am looking forward to the release of her new album. According to her website, she was a finalist in Tin Pan Alley’s national songwriting competition and was on the front cover of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers magazine. We can truly expect some great music from Julie.
When I listened to and reviewed her music on and SoundCloud, I was really impressed with her vocal range and the clarity of her voice. While analyzing her music, I wanted to focus on her vocal style. Ludgate has an impressive voice with a quality that I find rarely among singers: she has a voice that would work in more than one genre of music. “Still Into You” and “Army Of One” are two of my favorite songs from this talented singer.  I am looking forward to the release of her new music, as I am sure she will provide more great songs for her fans. Please visit her website by clicking on the link next to her name to keep track of her upcoming projects. My final thought is that Ludgate is a must-have in your music collection.

Matthew Coleman- IndieSound
Matthew Coleman is originally from Amityville, New York and has recently moved to New York City to build his musical career. He was inspired by music early on, intrigued by its power of persuasion. Sometimes, out of curiosity, he would wonder how a song makes him cry or be happy, and why one listens to it, and how music can be so therapeutic. Coleman’s music falls in the Hip hop/Rap genre. When I reviewed his songs, there were two that really stood out for me: “Crazy About You” and “Love You Like I Do”. They are one of those drive-and-cruise songs, and I loved it.
Coleman may not come across as the next Eminem or Big Daddy Kane, but he does bring a refreshing voice to Hip hop/Rap. In the 80s, Hip hop music was based on the lyrical flow of the artist, supported by a backing track that keeps your feet tapping and head bobbing to the beat. Coleman entertains his audience with this style of music with a modern-day flow. His music will most likely not make it to the playlist of some people, but he is certainly an artist you can review. After all, he could be one of your new favorites.

Quynnetta Sanders- Website
Quynnetta is a minister of music and worship leader and Creative Arts Director of New Unity and Faith for Miracle Deliverance Ministries located in Savanna and Freeport, Illinois. She is a part of Asonesound music group in Chicago and was a contestant on TLN- Emmy award-winning show “Inspiration Sensation”.
One favorite trait of mine in a singer is power in their voice while performing, and she absolutely has it all. Listening to her sing “My Heart Belongs to You” and “Enter In” really conveys how comforting her voice is as well as her ability to stretch her vocal range. The backing tracks have the feel of an R&B or Soul song, but don’t let the sound fool you; her angelic voice sings for the Lord. Sanders’ voice gives any song a musical lift. If you are looking for an artist that will grace you with a voice made for inspirational music, Quynnetta Sanders is the singer for you.

General Steel- Website- Website
General Steel is an extremely talented music producer, writer, and singer. He presents music to his fans with conviction and remains dedicated to his roots. Based on his website bio, he was born in Brooklyn, New York on the 29th of October in 1991 to Jamaican parents. He held on close to his roots and culture for a fusion of reggae, dancehall, and hip hop sounds. With veteran reggae artist Natty Remo for a father and the legendary New York dancehaller Screechy Dan for a cousin, General Steel has been brought up and mentored in the elite school of Jamaican music.
When I listen to his music, I cannot help but feel motivated about life. One of my favorite songs from his collections is “Dream Big”. Often, people will gravitate towards songs that fit their mood and “Dream Big” is a laidback reggae song with an empowering message. Although, when it comes to General Steel, don’t stop here; the other songs in his catalog are guaranteed to have you swaying to its beat. Vocally, General Steel can provide a mellow sound to the slow pace of his songs. It gives you the feeling of relaxing in the islands. He also has a more upbeat sound that is clear and full of energy. If you are a lover of music, then General Steel will be a top choice on your playlist.

Final Thoughts
I have enjoyed exploring the music of these talented artists. They have chosen to share their art with the world. Also, I appreciate their challenging work and dedication to their craft. Each of these individuals are doing more than just dreaming about their passion – they are pursuing their dream.
If you have something you want to accomplish in life, now is the time to make it happen.
Leave your comments below and let me know what you think of these artists. Click on the links next to their names to learn more about their music.