Reginald Maddox was born in Columbus, GA, and was raised in a single parent home.  His mother worked two jobs to take care of him and his two sisters.  She did her best to support them, but they saw their share of challenging times.  Although their family did not have much money, they were firmly grounded in faith, unity and unconditional love.

While attending William H. Spencer High School, Reginald secured his first job working at a local recreation center in downtown Columbus.  He didn’t know it at the time, but it would be there that he’d find inspiration for a lifetime of work.  His love for helping others was revealed, and soon he knew he was destined to become a counselor and mentor for underprivileged youth.  He donated his time to young people in his community by coordinating activities (such as field trips, sporting events, and creative workshops) and always encouraged constructive interaction.  Reginald didn’t have a positive male role model and often saw a small part of himself in each one of those kids.  He knew he could make a difference if he gave a little bit of himself to all the young people who, in some cases, had even less than he did. It didn’t take long for him to realize that most people just needed someone who believed in them.  Reginald dedicated himself to doing all that he could to deliver positive results for the families in his community and to help pave the way for their children that would someday be their path to success.

After graduation, Reginald joined the US Navy in 1989.  Initially stationed in San Diego, he later relocated to Sasebo, Japan. While in the Navy, he received two Navy Achievement medals, two Sea Service ribbons and one Overseas service ribbon.  Reginald really enjoyed serving his country and volunteering for various community outreach programs.  During his travels, he discovered the cultures and learned the traditions of many foreign countries.  He remains in touch with his fellow shipmates, until this very day; there’s a bond between them that can never be broken.

Since then, Reginald worked at two universities as a Director of Public Safety and as a Public Safety Supervisor. Each of these jobs were centered around helping and serving young people, which is his passion, so it never feels like he’s only working for a paycheck. His greatest reward each year is witnessing how new young students on campus slowly transition into young adults, filled with knowledge and ready to start their journey in the real world.  He will never forget any of the students he’s crossed paths with and they will probably never know the impact they’ve had on his life.


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Reginald started his company, RM Viagem, as a way to continue his mission on a larger scale. He’s been blessed with knowledge and insight gained through hard work and determination. He wants to share his experiences with the world, by producing inspirational literature and motivational material for all age groups.  He has a series of children’s books as his first offering and will soon expand his storytelling to reach older kids and adults.

RM Viagem strives to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. Reginald’s invested his entire life and so much of his time and expertise helping other organizations accomplish their goals.  However, he knew in his heart it was time for him to take his passion for helping people to the next level.  He wants to put smiles on faces that only know frowns and spread happiness to those who only know pain.  He desires to give the gift of laughter, fuel the chance for inspiration and make the dream of a better tomorrow a reality for every young person he can influence.

Reginald would like to thank the following people for playing a vital role in his development and without whom, he wouldn’t be the person he is today:

  • Thomas F Radich, Commander USS Fort Fisher LSD- 40 for helping him understand leadership and all the responsibility that goes with it.
  • James Robbins, President and CEO of Cox Communications, Inc. for showing him how to make the most of his life. Willis J Hurst,
  • Willis J Hurst, world-renowned cardiologist, having served as personal cardiologist to former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, for teaching him the importance of physical and mental health.