Make America Great Again

June 26, 2017 rmaddox

The history of the United States of America remains a subject of debate among historians. I remember, as a student in school sitting in my history class, thinking how conflicting the information was regarding the founding of this country.

If you indulge in my thoughts for a moment, I would like to ask you if you are familiar with the process of building a road. Let’s briefly list some of the key steps for building a road. A road project includes planning, design, earthwork, paving, and opening it up to traffic. Transportation departments collect a vast amount of information about the current roadways.

I would like to explain my interest in your familiarization of building a road. Since the 1800’s, American presidents have used slogans to drive their campaigns. These one-line catchphrases are intended to capture the mood or current challenges of the country to show that a presidential candidate is connected to the people. Once the election process concludes, the slogans that were once chanted and spoken on every platform available, are sentenced to a life of memories on souvenir items. Over the course of the years, many documents have been created to help establish the United States of America. But are they enough to lay a strong foundation for America’s road and where it intends to take us?

As I look back over our history, I can’t help but wonder if the road for the United States of America was ever defined? Did the founding fathers even lay a foundation for this country? I am astonished at the amount of research and planning that goes into creating a campaign slogan, but when it comes to the leadership of our country’s impact on the growth and development of the American people, the process is less than satisfactory.

At some point, the leaders of this nation need to truly evaluate the road in which this country will travel on for the survival of the American people. Do you think you can answer these questions with certainty regarding our country?

  1. What is the definitive definition of an American citizen?
  2. What makes America great? Is it a nation of people, who truly have the opportunity for life, liberty, and happiness, or is it a nation of political power?
  3. Should every presidential candidate be required to have certain political experience or should the position continue to be filled by anyone who has the financial means to fund a campaign?
  4. At what point should the elected officials separate from the agenda of their political party and operate under one government in the best interest of the people of the United States of America?

I would love to have these questions answered from the heart of one of our leaders and not from the political handbook.

Have you taken notice of what is happening on our street? I go to the store, and I see people sleeping in their cars. These are not individuals who have given up, but men and women working full-time jobs. In the grocery stores, there are people putting back some of the basic foods. I watched a lady buy a loaf of bread, three packs of meat, two cases of water, peanut butter, jelly, hot dogs, and some canned vegetables. The fact that she had to put back two packs of meat and a case of water is heartbreaking. I paid for her groceries because this is what makes our country great. I see people at the gas station putting only ten dollars’ worth of gas in their car, trying to figure how to make it last for another four days. The issue of civil unrest in our country remains a growing concern as well.

I am not ashamed to say that I am disappointed, not in the people of this country, but in our leaders. For months, two presidential candidates competed for the position of the President of the United States. Both were followed by countless allegations that would have eliminated the average citizen from any job he/she applied. Even today, the person elected as the President of the United States continues to follow the same independent road for self-establishment of power.

Martin Luther King said it the best, “There cannot be a disappointment, where there is not great love.” So, when will our leaders learn to love the people of this nation? America cannot be made great by factories, wealth, political power, or leading the arms race. A nation is only as great as the people who reside in it, who are given a strong foundation to travel upon it, while helping to build the country. I feel it can be best said that we do not lack a great nation, but great leadership for this nation of great people.

In conclusion, until the leaders recognize that the greatness of this country is in the hearts of the American people and not the corporations and political donors, the road toward which we travel will remain filled with spider webs and alligator cracks. If you are not familiar with these terms, spider webs and alligator cracks are the results of poor construction when building a road. Have you ever driven down a street or road and found a maze of cracks covering the entire street? If so, then wave to our political leaders for their uncaring hand to the American people. My intent is not to discredit all of our leaders, but the majority who have lost sight of what matters.

In sports, when a coach notices his team is beginning to lose focus during a game, he calls for a timeout to make the necessary adjustments. Is it possible that we missed the opportunity to take advantage of this tactic to get America back on the right road? Maybe we have just become so accustomed to going off road that we lack the confidence to step back and build a new road with a clear destination.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to solve these problems. I would like to make a solemn plea, not on the agenda for any political party, but as a man, a citizen of the United States, a human being with a beating heart that has love for all the great people of this country, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds. Remember that God put us here to serve each other. Each of you is in positions of power, and with any form of power comes great responsibility. As a politician, you carry the weight of a nation of great people on your shoulders. Martin Luther King carried the weight and struggles of an entire race on his shoulders. Remember, you serve the people of America. Don’t keep your back to our sorrows or struggles. If you are going to lead this country, then assume the full responsibility as a leader. Let your actions reflect the power of love and respect for every man, woman, and child in this country.

This is what makes America great.