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As a lyricist he has written a variety of songs on various themes from gospel, Disney, ballads, country and R&B, Currently, Reginald is working on two musical tracks "Heart Needs a Home" and "Come on Home" Release dates are scheduled for  August 1, 2017. His next project will be his second collaboration with the talented artist General Steel.

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 I Stand  with You (Reggae) Vocals/composed by General Steel    I Stand with you (Disney Style)  vocals by Audrey Carmel

Motivational Speaker

 I believe that every individual has the capability to change their circumstances, professionally and personally to get the most out life.   Whether the wall in front of you is physical or emotional, having a new mindset is the key to becoming successful. My goal is not only to motivate you but to guide you towards the path of transformation.

Change must take place in the heart, mind and body. Often, people will attempt to transform the body but not the heart or mind.  It’s time to transform your thoughts and become an active person for change and a better life.

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Believe in YOU! 

Get in the Game 



Conference (Reginald Maddox)
Reginald Maddox Wrting


Writing has always been my platform for connecting with people of other cultures and ideologies. My love for writing children's books, poems, and blogs, materialized from my love of creativity.

There is something magical about words that have been carefully selected to enhance the reader's experience. I enjoy using words to motivate others while creating literature that brings awareness to all areas of society. Creative writing in any format can truly broaden your horizons, and magnify your voice in significant ways.

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